Blockchain Storm

Hey adventurers, what’s on the menu this summer?

Blockchain Storm Zurich

Cryptocurrencies & Modern Economies 20 January 2017, Zurich, Switzerland

“The yet unexplored potential of Blockchain Technology – What hasn’t been conjured up yet? What has missed the imagination of Blockchain adventurers so far? “


What : Blockchain Storm Zurich

Full Day Sessions with the most influential thinkers , movers and shakers , talent force of tomorrow in Blockchain 

Venue : University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland 

In Collaboration with


When : 20 January 2017 9 am to 6 pm

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What’s cool this winter: Blockchain during WEF, Davos

You can join us for a weekend hiking break in the Alps near Davos after the Conference on Friday!

Event Overview

Blockchain Storm is a Global Series dedicated to the developments in Blockchain technology.

We host the first ever Blockchain Summits & Workshops everywhere.

We just hosted the first ever Blockchain India Summit 6 Dec 2016, New Delhi

with the Genius Inventor of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin



Switzerland is the Mecca of Banking!

Britain & Europe bring together the best of many worlds, some of which intersect.

World leaders preside here over trillions of dollars of investment, Fortune 500 companies, the mighty firms in Banking & Finance, world’s strongest workforce in Accountancy, Finance and Legal industries, the most thriving fintech community, a nurturing eco-system of Technology companies, investment funds, accelerators, incubators, academia, inventors, thought leaders, researchers, coders, designers and all those pushing at the frontier of human of development. And a very friendly Government and Regulator.

The confluence of several conducive conditions make London a global launchpad for the new race of Blockchainers.

We at Fintech Storm have brought together stakeholders in Banking, Finance, Payments, Fintech and Blockchain over the past two years. In our continued tradition of celebrating excellence and presenting the most avant-garde technologies, we are bringing together Blockchain brains at Blockchain Storm in Zurich!

Where you meet key players from around the world in a relaxed atmosphere to catch the last glimmer of summer at exquisite swiss locales, while debating, ideating, shaping, imaging, and creating all things Blockchain.

Come to the Origin of Banking – Switzerland!

This year we have chosen the breathtaking view of Lake Geneva with Swiss Alps of Montblanc enticing us over the weekend not far from the venue in Geneva. We will meet you at our next exotic destination.



Key Themes 

1. Blockchain & Banking

Title: Blockchain Banking 2020 vision Disruption or Seamless integration?


2. Blockchain’s Potential to transform the future of Financial Services Infrastructure

Title: The changing landscape & new services to emerge


3. Blockchain & Regulation 

“Countries Blockchain Readiness”

“Regulation – The untold story”


4. Blockchain & Capital Markets

What Blockchain solutions are in the making?


5. Blockchain & Investment Management

Automated Compliance & Proxy Voting


6. Blockchain & Deposits/Lending

Syndicated Loans & Trade Finance


7. Blockchain Stacked with other Key Tech trends

– Cloud

 – IoT

– Big Data


– Robotics

– Cyber Security


8. Blockchain Startup Showcase

Tomorrow’s Ideas : New Product Demo Zone


30 minute Sessions 

1. The Mega trends unleashed by Blockchain 

2. Industrial Mashups 

3. Blockchain & the Sharing Economy 


Charles Hoskinson CEO IOHK, Former CEO Ethereum 
Mathias Bucher CEO Diamond Coin, Lecturer at University of Lucerne
Graham Tonkin Monetas (TBC)
Arifa Khan Founder, Blockchain Storm
Mihai Alisie Founder, Akasa Labs
Olga Feldmeier Xapo
Spiros Margaris  Margarin Advisory

Blockchain Storm calls for academic papers for the competition 

Blockchain and Man 2016” 

Is another industrial revolution afoot, in the form of Blockchain ? 

In the ongoing relationship between Man and Machine, what are the catalysts ? Will man be able to  leverage blockchain to the collective advantage of humanity? 

– Mystery Prize for the winning paper submission – Sponsored by Knowledge Sponsor 

Papers to be submitted by 25 September 2016

Shortlisted entries will be invited to present at Blockchain Storm Geneva!

Final Winner to be announced at Europe-India Conclave December 2016 – New Delhi

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2 Years of.. Fintech Storm


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(Upcoming Events by Fintech Storm)

Europe-India Conclave May 2017, Mumbai, India

Global Blockchain Summit April 2017, Dubai, UAE

Yes, be ready for a taste of exotic India and a trip to Burj Khalifa, Dubai!



Let’s go to Blockchain Storm Zurich! 

Save the Date 20 January 2017

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At Cryptocurrencies & Modern Economies – the theme for January 2017 in Zurich, we explore how Cryptotechnologies are reshaping economies across the world.
The question is not what new opportunities you can chase in the era of Blockchain

The question is – “What will you be in the Blockchain enabled world?”

Ms Arifa Khan, CEO of Zero Field Labs straddles the world of Banking, Finance, Blockchain & Corporate Strategy. She was recently given the legendary fork by the Founder of Ethereum, in appreciation of her piece “besotted with blockchain” and acknowledgement of her global efforts in blockchain.

Vitalik confers a fork!

Vitalik confers a fork!

Come to Blockchain Storm Zurich 20 Jan 2016!


No matter which industry you belong to and what your blockchain needs may be, Zero Field Labs can help. Attendees of the Blockchain barbecue can book a free one-on-one consultation with Zero Field Labs if any of the below questions are pertinent for you.

How will your business strategies, products and services look like in the blockchain enabled world?

Questions for Business Leaders inspired by Blockchain :
1. How can we use blockchain to reduce or eliminate the role of intermediaries in our business eco-system?

2. How can blockchain technology help improve our customer interactions and satisfaction?

3. Does embedded finance open up new business opportunities for us?

4. What new business opportunities can our organisation pursue through mashups with partners?

5. How do we partner customers in Blockchain experiments and be ready if the technology take hold?

6. How can blockchain help make our business opportunities more efficient and automated or raise efficiency of my supply chain?

7. Can we increase total revenue via pay for performance pricing models , powered by smart contracts?

8. Can we host blockchain powered digital marketplaces for previously underserved customers?

9. Do we have an opportunity to host a digital rights marketplace in our industry?

10. Where does Blockchain threaten or create current business ?

11. Are we operating an intermediary in a function that is a candidate for blockchain based automation?

12. Should we disrupt ourselves by operating an asset sharing marketplace to withstand a potential supply shock?

Interested Speakers / Sponsors / Companies to Showcase – Please drop an email to or asap.