Greetings from the Chair

The Blockchain Euphoria is upon us!

From Governments to Mathematicians and Economists, from banking behemoths to startups with gumption, from strategists to coders, the most diverse of professional fields have been brought together by a sole phenomenon called blockchain. If the last few decades didn’t already put the power back in the hands of technocrats, wielding it from the capitalists and industrialists, another such unmistakable tipping point is upon us again.

A moment of recognition that the next wave of power brokers may be let loose; that the shakeup of status-quo is imminent; that the stakes may be with those who are the quickest to decipher the blockchain wonderland!

For swathes of technophiles in finance, has there been a more exciting time than now?

For hordes of opportunists, could they hope for a more propitious time?

A technology that is as far reaching in its potential impact, from the mundane business of collecting taxes to the crafty political science of which cryptocurrency to outlaw, from the intellectual adventures such as creating platform infrastructures for coding smart contracts to the ethically daunting DAO dilemmas such as “to fork or not to fork”, blockchain has all the drama of Shakespearean proportions.

The hundreds of blockchain meet-ups sprouting all over the world, the staggering range and depth of multifarious talent uniting in their mission to unravel the mysteries of this new field, are inspiring us to elevate our cross-sector and cross-function coordination capabilities to another dimension.

The question to ponder is not “What blockchain use-cases to pursue?”

The question to ponder is “What will we be in the new blockchain- enabled world?”

Whether or not we pursue any use-cases, we cannot afford to be unprepared for this new world.

The chorus on everyone’s lips is … What is our place in this new landscape?

We at Fintech Storm have embarked on this ambitious mission of facilitating dialogue between diverse stakeholders, different geographies, huge sectors like Banking, Payments, Financial services, multiple technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, AR&VR, Cloud, Big Data, Blockchain – and make sense of this storm. We are all in the eye of the storm, but together. Every epic journey has to start with one firm step, and Blockchain Storm is fired with the mission of strengthening this smart eco-system of Blockchain adventurers!

We are bringing together some of the brightest minds to this exalted debate to set off some sparks! We will make sure there are thought-provoking keynotes, serendipitous meetings that will put many on the slope perhaps to their inflection points in their Blockchain journey.

Come enjoy this electrifying meet and a visual feast of Swiss splendour!

We cordially invite you to participate in “Blockchain Storm Geneva” on 30 September 2016, for an impeccable Swiss hospitality in the city of The United Nations!

Arifa Khan,


Zero Field Labs Pvt Ltd.